Engage your employees
Engage your employees with community forums and course discussions
Build courses and exams
Build unlimited multi-page courses with our authoring tool. Create and administer multiple choise exams
Organize events and training meetups
Strengthen your workforce through both local and online events, meetups, and activities
Provide direct instruction
Ensure your employee's success by assigning courses, setting deadlines, and direct messaging
Course authoring
Easily build multi-media, mobile friendly courses with our intuitive authoring tool. Combine original and curated content.
Event planning
Foster your instructional community by bringing your employees together at both private and public events.
Student management
Track your students' progress and help them achieve their goals.
Why Learna?
Cut down on costs
Bring your employee training online to reduce costs and increase results
Track usage
Monitor student progress, usage, completion percentages and more.
Verify Success
Provide crediblity with proof of course completion.
Nico Lopez teaches mathematics in Los Angeles, CA
Danielle Beaven teaches personal fitness in Calabasas, CA
Ishmael Samuel teaches software engineering in Los Angeles, CA
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